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2023 Internships – Social Media Marketing Avramify

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  • Canada

Website Avramify

Avramify ⚡ is a social media marketing agency that’s helped thousands upon

thousands of happy customers gain the attention that they deserve online! We are a

growing and a thriving company comprised of a community of impressive minds and

big dreams. We’re looking to grow our community exponentially with

personalities, skills, and backgrounds of all kinds as well as help those within our

circle improve upon and put their best talents to use in a positive space.

We’re a company centered around making dreams become a reality, whether that’s

for our clients or our team members!


This is an internship position with the opportunity for a passive income. Your

internship experience will begin by learning how to be an Instagram Sales Advisor.

Those who choose to remain as Sales Advisors will be able to. However, if you

choose to proceed with an internship, there will be a few more requirements and

evaluations. This will be a 6-month internship with periodic 3-month evaluations.

After this 6-month period in our sales internship, your skills will be evaluated once

more and you can choose to enter into more advanced and specified training based

on career opportunities that we are implementing here.

You may think of this as several opportunities rolled into one! You will be learning

new skills and improving upon the ones you already have, you will be gaining

experience and knowledge about a thriving industry that will never lose traction,

and on top of that, you’ll have the opportunity to impress our higher-ups and

potentially gain a long-term career with us. We aim to have team members who

stay for the long game and become a solid building block of our company!


Remote position. (Company is based in London, England)

Our goal for team members is to create a situation of freedom and wealth. This

means we’re allowing this program to take place entirely in the online space. Not

only is this comfortable for everyone, but it also provides further experience in

pursuing a career in online services and creating the skill set required to maintain



This is a commission-based position. There is no hourly wage. Instead, there is a

high earning potential based on your ability to sell our services. Interns will make

anywhere from $10-$3000 monthly or higher* depending on your motivation and

ability to close sales! The sky is the limit if you are willing to do the work, but

expect to spend significant time working toward your income goals. Interns will be

paid biweekly and will earn a 10% commission off of their sales.

*!! anything is possible here but income estimations will be reflected by the hours

and effort that you yourself put into training and performing!!

With us ⚡ you will have the support you need to reach your goals whether you

are aiming low or high, all from the comfort of your own home.


No experience is required! We welcome anyone willing to learn and put knowledge

into action.


Product and sales training is provided by Avramify team members via Zoom

Monday through Friday.


⁃ Sales Interns will find and pursue leads to sell Avramify’s social media

marketing solutions

⁃ Manage one’s own time in order to reach individual sales goals

⁃ Attend available meetings to remain informed about the company’s services and


⁃ Relay info accurately to potential clients

⁃ Represent Avramify in a friendly and welcoming manner


⁃ Self Discipline

⁃ People skills

⁃ Ambitious

⁃ Friendly

⁃ Committed

⁃ Punctual

⁃ Student Mindset

This is an opportunity!

With Avramify ⚡ the sky is the limit! Whether you need a part-time gig for

grocery money or you’re an entrepreneur who wants to make $100,000 a year, we

are here giving you the opportunity to make that happen!

With Avramify ⚡ you will become part of a warm community of entrepreneurs

who are dedicated to helping each other learn, develop their skills, and build

wealth from the comfort of your own home. We are here to offer an opportunity to

invest in your success with only time and dedication! No payment and no

experience are required to join our community, and with the right attitude, we can

help you reach awesome heights.

To apply for this job please visit